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Pastor Pen

Pastoring by Pen

Over the last couple of years a few people have said to me that they “like my blog.” My response is usually the same: “I have a blog?” Of course, they … [Read More...]

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Our Great High Priest

“He is … a throned Priest-King, asking what He will from a Father who always hears and grants His request. Our Lord’s life in heaven is His prayer. His once-completed self-offering is utterly acceptable and efficacious; His contact with the Father is immediate and unbroken; His priestly ministry on His people’s behalf is never-ending, and therefore the salvation which He secures to them is absolute.”

(F. F. Bruce)

Confession of Faith

Core Values


Core Values

An explanation of Sola 5’s Core Values, with discussion questions.




The Constitution of the Sola 5 association of churches.